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Undeniably old enough to know better.

The boring, offline parts of my life (which, in addition to being boring, generally feature far too little football) have becoming increasingly time-consuming lately, and the result is that I’m going to have to close up shop on this Tumblr. Thanks for your comments, suggestions, corrections and time over the past 18-odd months — it’s been a pleasure and an education.

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    sharing all these fantastic pics...hilarious tags, they brought me back cherished...
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    Thank you so much...all the fantastic photos,...history that...
  4. lospogliatoio said: are you finally going to reveal your source/s?
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    sharing all these beautiful memories!! Wish you good luck...everything’s ok with you,
  6. stickmarionette said: Sadface. Good luck, and thank you. <3
  7. jesusartorres said: Are you just going to stop posting or completely delete the blog and archives?
  8. rosieroti said: oh, i’m going to miss you. good luck and thanks for all the wonderful stuff on this tumblr in the last few months!
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    oh nooo :( thank YOU for sharing your wonderful collection of photos. best of luck in your real-life endeavors.
  10. riaisratedr said: It will be sad to see you go. This blog is one of the best. Thanks for the work you put into it and good luck :)
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    Oh no I’m too shocked.
  12. miselcolombia said: Good luck! You’ll be missed!!!!!! Interleaning was the best!
  13. interinheart said: Thank you! Thank you so much! Like football and pictures!
  14. danleydon said: You’ll be missed!!!!!!
  15. psychoalphatheta said: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I love this blog with its interesting and rare pictures. But good luck in life and remember that if life throws you lemons, make lemonade. Hopefully you might come back eventually.
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    Your tags were the best.
  17. putababyinthat said: I’ll miss the fantastic tags and photos so much but such is real life. Good luck!
  18. ambitiouspants said: Oh no! I’ll miss this blog, it’s one of the greatest! Good luck with your offline stuff, thanks for all the great pictures and entertaining tags!
  19. 1stavenue said: Good luck with everything and thank you for all the lovely photos. You will be missed a lot.
  20. trequartista8 said: Thanks for everything!
  21. allwinksandsmiles said: Noooo! I love all the pictures you post, the vintage ones are esp. amazing. Damn, even your tags are great! I’ll miss you. :-*
  22. serapica said: thanks for them allxx
  23. rusholme said: thanks for all your work on this blog, i’ll miss it :(