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Undeniably old enough to know better.

Third snow day of 2011 already, I’m both embarrassed and pleased. Ok, mostly pleased.

Franck scored.

Where are my pictures?


Wai so jumpy, Franck? Apart from that I left a frame out of the gif, I mean?

And what the shit are you doing, Dede? Also: Are you actually stark naked?

… Ah, ok. That explains a lot, actually. Let’s watch that other gif again, shall we?

Fellatio? Flirting? Attempted murder? It’s so hard to tell.

No, never mind — not hard to tell at all. No one is that smug about a failed murder attempt.

I don’t want to talk about how long these took (despite being incredibly grainy), but Mr Sally was dancing his mess around, and this sort of behavior cannot be ignored.

BBFranck doesn’t dance, but he does get modestly naked. Baby steps and all that.

Franck: *unleashes an astonishing, unstoppable shot*

Franck: *scores*

Hugo: “Damn, son. Respect.”

Franck: “Yeah, you know. That’s just how I — wait. Am I smiling? Shit.”